4 ways to open the door:
*  PIN Code
*  Mobile APP
*  IC Card (Optional)
*  Mechanical key
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iSurpass ilock15 is not only a simpler smart lock, it offers you a smart lock control system.

We never think that a good digital lock can achieve real intelligence and security.

iSurpass start the door lock development from user perception (Notification of mobile APP, SMS, etc.), network connection (bank-level security authentication access algorithm, real-time network fault reporting), smart door lock control module(Z-wave wireless transmission protocol, AES128 encryption system, ensuring reliable wireless communication ),and all of the above,systematized design! 

We believe that a system must be considered comprehensively, rather than a simple module patchwork. 

We have already achieved the first-class level of intelligence and security of the locks in this industry. 

We cherish every user's recognition and love of our products. Just like our slogan: Let home smarter & safer.

Access by Smart phone APP:
* APP available with IOS & Android
* Door lock is controlled by smart phone, make access easy
* Issue 1 time access code for cleaner or visitor,support setting a time validity
* Authorization allow family member to remote control the door lock
* Up to 230 user capacity, add new users on APP
* Scenario function/Associate with other Z-wave home devices

Enhanced Security Features:
* Automatically "Back lock" the door
* Random security code prevents intruders from tracing the fingerprint marks left
* Bank-level encryption command class
* Wrong code lock out(after 5 wrong attempts)
* Easy for housekeeper/landlord/apartment/airbnb backup management
* Low battery alarm

Excellent Appearance Design  
* Illuminated keypad
* Hidden cylinder, high security
* Latch: single latch / five latch optional

* Hand: Left / Right hand adjustable

* Mechanical key use for emergency(power off, forgot pin code)

Real-time Open Log:
* APP 24/7 open log check
* Always know who is opening and when

Easy Installation:
* Easy to install and operate
* Suitable for most of doors, without drilling extra hole
* A screwdriver is OK
* 4xAA battery last for 1 year
* External 9V battery in case of power out

Choose a latch for your door:

Door lock panel size:


P/N iLock15A(password + single latch)
iLock15B(password + five latch)
iLock15C(password +  IC card + single latch)
iLock15D(password + IC card + five latch)
Coating Material: Zinc alloy
Mortise: Five-latch / Single-latch
User Capacity(Admin) 9 groups
User Capacity(User) 221 groups
Power supply: 4.8~6.5VDC (AA*4)
Battery life: ≥10000 times open operating
Low voltage alarm level: 5.0V(±0.2V)
Static current ≤50uA
Dynamic current ≤300mA
The average working time of trouble-free: ≥25,000h
Working temperature: -20℃~55℃
Storage temperature: -30℃~70℃
Dimensions: Front:L228.6*W71.3*86.2mm
Package Size: 35*23.5*14cm
G.W: 2.0kg
Carton Package: 49*39*25cm/8pcs per carton

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