5+ ways to open the door:
*  Fingerprint
*  Password
*  Mobile APP
*  IC card
*  Mechanical key
*  Fingerprint + password
*  Fingerprint + card
*  Password + card
*  ......
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iLock 206 is a new type door lock which support both NB-IOT & Z-wave  2 versions. It is widely used for Home, Apartment, Hotel, Airbnb projects.

The NB-IOT version works independently with the 3G Carrier NBIOT SIM CARD, no need hub and additional charges. Support remote controlled by smart phone APP, meanwhile can also works with other iSurpass security sensors & devices in the same APP account, offer you with the best experience of home security and automation.

The Z-wave version need to be controlled by a central hub, seamless works with the security devices in your iSurpass APP.


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