Public Rental Housing Control System(PRH)

A good PRH Control System will help the property owners/ landlords to better manage their buildings and rooms.
With iSurpass advanced platform, owners/landlords are able to rent safer, manage easier, save time and cost.
It will even alert you when the room is overdue or having outstanding payment.
Here are the advantages:

1、Wireless network, easy to install

2、Convenient to open the door lock:
  Password、ID card、Mobile phone APP, much better and easier than traditional mechanical key

3、Remote authorization opening the door
The landlord can control the door through the system remotely and save a lot of labor cost

4、Can send one-time temporarily opening password
If the owner forget or lose the IC card, the landlord can send him/her one-time temporalily opening password, and authorize the opening and closing time period, hence to solve the troubles of sending IC card

5、Group management
For different areas, using this system to better manage the dispersed property or landlord,counting their numbers and check the house status.

6、Intelligent collection of rent, utilities,property management fees
The system monitoring the rent & tax collection.It there is any overdue payment, it will text them for notification and lock the door automatically. Recover to normal use until receive the charge.

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