iSurpass APP
At a glance, knowing what is happen at home. 

iSurpass is a simpler APP, let you control everything anytime, anywhere!

Available for IOS & Android.
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Home automation has never been as easy and comfortable. With iSurpass,you can easily control your connected devices, create timers and scenarios,arm and disarm the house for alerts notifications. Even when you are thousand miles away,home is always on fingertip control.


User-friendly interface

Simple home page with clear icons

Devices can be grouped by room

Easy for use by young kids and elderly

Compatible with most of the home alliances


Personalize Scenarios:
Set different scenes on your phone easily
Control multiple devices with a simple touch

Alarm Warning:

Send repeat warnings every 30seconds when the device triggers

Real-time SMS alert message  

Histroy Check:

Completed history check 

Input a date for quick search

Clear the history messages if they are useless


Choose multiple of compatible products for your home and you:




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