WiFi +3G Gateway
* Central Controller, the brain of the system(security & safe system)
* Z-wave protocol, compatible with all Z-wave devices
* APP remote control
* Advanced cloud sever system
* Built-in Infrared sensor to control TV, TV Box and AC
* WiFi & WiFi+ 3G SIM card connect to cloud server
* Three ways of notification when detect dangers: APP message ,SMS text, telephone service
* Built in backup battery for emergency
* Support scene setting(scene timing & linkage scenario)
* Support history check
* 7x24 service
* Certificate: CE/FCC/IC/RoHS
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The J1301C Z-wave 3G SIM Card controller is known as the brain of smart home control system, it communicates with electronic sensors and devices located throughout home using wireless communications and connects to cloud server using existing broadband connection and mobile network. Also named“Hub Center”or“Center Controller”. It controls hundreds of Z-wave compatible devices. With the use of iSurpass gateway, you can customize your smart home easily. It connect wireless with your smart door lock, sensors, switch, plug, camera,curtain motor and all Z-wave devices, make them work together, control them from your smart phone with free iSurpass APP even when you are thousand miles away. iSurpass gateway is the best gateway to fulfill your home security, childcare and elder monitoring needs, bring home security to a new level.

Access by smart phone APP
It's not a complicated web based system! Download iSurpass free APP on your Android or iPhone, easy use and update!

Wireless Connection
Make everything simple, connect your gateway with WiFi and phone

Device Management

Real-time control home devices, turn on/off
Control up to 232 Z-wave devices, WiFi devices, IR devices.

Storage Center
Store all devices' hardware, configure, timer, linkage information

Central Hub
All the device status will be reported to the gateway via Z-wave mesh network and WiFi,  then gateway transport to mobile phones.

Cloud Platform,big Capacity, easy update and backup
Cloud based system
​Bank level encrytion
Safe and fast
2 backup cloud servers, servers backup everyday,no manual backup

Big data storage

Buit-in IR module, control IR devices
No more need to buy a special IR Extender. All-in-one controller.
Free to control the Air Conditioner, TV, TV box 

Luxurious design, easy installation 
The luxurious design fit your lifestyle, simple and comfortable. Anywhere will be fine.

Except WiFi, We still have 3G SIM Card

With the popularization of WiFi ,  people are more preferable to choose WiFi as the main connection.  But for remote places, poor WiFi, or even when WiFi broken, how can we going on with the smart home?  

That's the reason why we developed 3G backup gateway!  Users are easily to put a SIM Card in the gateway, it works with WiFi as priority, when WiFi broken, automatically switch to 3G SIM card, and switch back once WiFi recover, let your smart home always in control.

iSurpass 3G module works with the standard 850/1900MHz bands which covers most of the countries.  Before ordering gateway, be sure your SIM carrier exactly in the bands working range.
If you are not sure about it, please go and check here: 

iSurpass supported bands:

GSM: 850/1900MHz
WCDMA: 850/1900MHz

Structure Chart

Technical details:
P/N J1301C
Material Metal base + plastic shell
Color black
Wireless Type WiFi 2.4GHz(WiFi) + 3G SIM Card
Input Voltage 5V DC /1A
CPU Core ARM 32-bit Cortex™-M3 CPU
CPU Frequency 72MHz
Storage Flash:128KB, SRAM:20KB
Radio Frequency 868.42MHz(CN、EU)/ 908.42MHz(US)
Node No. ≦232
Usage Indoor use only
Range ≤30m(inside),≤100m(outside)
Network Type Mesh
IR Range ≦6m
IR Frequency 38Khz
Storage Temperature 0~70℃
Storage Humidity 10%-95%(No condensation)
Working Temperature 5~45℃ 
Working Humidity 10%-95%(No condensation)
Installation Ceiling/Wall-mounted/Desktop
Dimension Φ96*27mm
N.W 0.16kg
G.W 0.26kg
Package Inner Box 17x12x4cm


Ordering information:
Description P/N
WiFi +IR J1301A
WiFi +IR+3G J1301C

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