More than an emergency button, we offer a complete 24/7/365 safety system.

Nowadays, aging population is becoming more and more serious. Old parents live alone, young children go to school alone, how to better care their lives has become a big question for working men and women.

Here, iSurpass's SOS button is specially for elders & children. 

1. It helps to monitor their daily status! 

Does my mother getting up and go out today? Is she backed yet? When does my son leaving for school today? Is he homed?

With iSurpass, all of them are not a problem!  You can easily track the door lock open log, and know their schedules. 

2. For any emergency, once they press the SOS button, all the family members will be informed immediately.

3. The button is not only a button!

It can also associated with door lock and scenarios,  trigger devices at one time, give you the best convenience.

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