Water Detector
* Triggers alert when water is detected,and send alarm to APP users simultaneously

* Z-wave protocol, APP remote control

* Patent Appearance

* Rust-proof metal probe

* Support linkage with valve operator

* Low battery warning

* Installation flexibility

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The J1503A Z-wave water sensor is an indoor water leakage detector, adopt  high stability rust-proof metal probe to ensure a long service time. It also named water detector. When it senses water leak that reaches the set alarm level, it will give out alarm sound with red LED flashing. The APP user will also receive immediately alerts, helping you prevent leaks from turning into floods. The detector is applied in indoor places such as laundry rooms,bathroom,kitchen, water heaters,sump pumps and air conditioning drain tube.

Technical details:

P/N J1503A
Color White
Radio Frequency 868.42MHz(CN、EU)/ 908.42MHz(US)
Usage Indoor use only
Range ≤30m(outdoor),≤100m(indoor)
Power Supply CR1450 x 1
Battery Life 2years
Standby Current 1.3uA
Working Temperature 0~40℃ 
Installation Wall mounted or board installed
Dimension 68x68x34mm(DxWxH)
N.W 0.10kg

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