Smoke Sensor

* Trigger when smoke detected,and send alarm to APP users simulnateously

* Z-wave protocol, compatible with Z-wave gateway and alarm siren

* APP remote control

* Low electricity warning(alarm every 40 seconds)

* Installation flexibility

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The J1501 Z-wave smoke sensor is a wireless photoelectric smoke detector also named smoke detector, with unique structural design and the MCU intelligent photoelectric signal processing capability, featuring dust, pest control, anti-light interference and other functions, which ensures the product stability right from the design. Meanwhile the product also has wireless networking capability, suitable for various installation environments, improving the user's perception of the alarm signal. The product is well responsive to the visible smoke out of the slow smoldering or burning, serving as good fire alarm devices suitable for residence, factories, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, teaching buildings, banks, libraries and other storage places.


Technical details:
P/N J1501
Material ABS
Color White
Radio Frequency 868.42MHz(CN、EU)/
908.42MHz(US) /
Sensor highly stable semiconductor
Sensitivity 2.06%/ft±1.3
Power Supply 9V DC
Quiescent Current <20uA
Alarm Current <40mA
Alarm Acoustic Pressure 85dB/3m away
Alarm When the flammable gas concentration reaches the pre-set value, it will alarm automatically
Alarm Indication Red LED flashes
Alarm Output Sound and wireless Z-wave alarm
Wireless Communication Range Up to 50m outdoors
Up to 30m indoors
(depending on building materials)
Working Temperature 0~45℃
Relative Humidity ≤75%RH
Dimension Φ128*38mm
N.W 0.20kg
G.W 0.24kg
Package Inner Box 13x13x5cm

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