Motion Sensor
* Detect illegal intruder entering into protecting area,
 send alarm to APP users simultaneously
* Real-time monitoring, automatic status report

* Z-wave protocol, compatible with Z-wave gateway

* Low battery warning

* Detect Range:Diameter 6M

* Installation flexibility

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The J1505 Z-wave motion sensor is a wireless ceiling-mounted passive infrared intrusion detector,also named PIR detector. It is controlled by energy accumulation logic processor and digital microprocessor utilizing the technology of random dynamic time segmentation. The passive infrared part of the product uses precision spherical Fresnel lens to improve the efficiency of energy reception, with the characteristics of high sensitivity and low false alarm rate. Complemented with advanced patented software technology, the product can make accurate judgments and differentiate the real intruder from other possible interference factors which may cause false alarm. With optional choice of the detector pulse value, the product can be applied in a variety of indoor occasions. The product features built-in high-capacity battery and a unique power-saving mode, and the battery can last for more than two years.


Technical details:
P/N J1505
Material ABS
Color White
Radio Frequency 868.42MHz(CN、EU)
908.42MHz (US)
921.4MHz (AU)
869.2MHz (Russia)
Power Supply 3V DC
(2 x AA 1.5V Alkaline Battery)
Battery Life 2years
Detection Distance Diameter 6m
Wireless Communication  Distance Up to 50m outdoors
Up to 30m indoors
(depending on building materials)
Alarm Indicator LED status indicator
Output Signal Type Alarm report,Tamper report,
Battery level status,heartbeat report
Quiescent Current <15uA
Alarm Current <20mA
Working Temperature -10~50℃ 
Relative Humidity ≤95%RH
Installation Height 2.5~4m(8.2~13.1feet)
Size 100*100*33mm
N.W 0.14kg
G.W 0.165kg

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