Door/Window Sensor
* Detect door/window open, send alarm to APP users simultaneously

* Real-time monitoring, automatic status report

* Z-wave protocol, compatible with Z-wave gateway

* Anti-tamper alarm

* Low battery warning

* Installation flexibility

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The J1504 Z-wave door/window sensor is a wireless door sensor regarded as an important part of wireless alarm panel. It can immediately detect open or close of door/window, has anti-tamper and battery level real time detection functions. With exquisite design, it will perfectly match up with your home decoration and integrate into installation environment. As it is a separation triggered door sensor, when the magnet part and main body are separate, it will send alarm signal to Control Panel and then Control Panel’s buzzer rings and also APP client will receive immediately message notification. It is widely used to house, factory,shopping malls, hotel, office building, teaching building, banks, library, warehouse and any place that have doors & windows.


Technical details:
P/N J1504
Material ABS
Color White
Radio Frequency 868.42MHz(CN、EU)
908.42MHz (US)
921.4MHz (AU)
869.2MHz (Russia)
Wireless Range ≤30m(indoor), ≤50m(outdoor)
Wireless communication distance 100m(open area)
Alarm Indicator LED status indicator
Output Signal Type Alarm report,Tamper report,
Battery level status,heartbeat report
Power Supply DC 3V (2*1.5V AA battery)
Battery Life 2~3years
Static Current <7uA
Alarm Current <20mA
Storage Temperature 0~50℃
Storage Humidity 5%-80%RH(no congelation)
Working Temperature 5~45℃ 
Working Humidity 10%-70%RH
Installation Wall mounted or board installed
Dimension Body component:36x78x19mm
Magnetic components :15x78x19mm
N.W 0.06kg
G.W 0.12kg
Package Inner Box 11x11x3cm

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